Together we are Wooboogie!

Wooboogie allows,

Traveler earn a reward by helping people who need to bring or ship a product to their destination.

Applicant ask a traveler to bring / ship a product to another country.

Thinking of you...

Verified Profile

To ensure your peace of mind, we have travelers and applicants manually verified by our staff.

Refund Guarantee

Do not worry, if the traveler does not come to collect the product Wooboogie reverses your payment.

Safe Environment

We preserve the security of your data, so we use industry best practices.

24 hour support

Support in your language within 24 hours.

How do I order an order?

  • 1
    You register your order. We are an open network that allows you to order a product from another country or have someone deliver your product to another country.
  • 2
    Wooboogie is looking for the perfect traveler for you!We have a network of travelers ready to transport your order to the destination country. Rest assured, they are manually checked by our support team, required to send a selfie with your document.
  • 3
    You match the price and place of pickup / delivery.After the traveler contacts you, negotiate with him the amount to be charged and the place of collection / delivery. We recommend that it always be a public place, safe for you and safe for it.
  • 4
    Ready! Just wait for your order to arrive.Finished the negotiation just wait for your traveler to execute your trip. But you can rest easy, if the traveler cancels your trip you will have your payment refunded!

How can I take an order?

  • 1
    You search for an order or register your trip.Help someone else by taking your order to another country and earn a reward for product taken.
  • 2
    Wooboogie connects stories!Once you have connected the traveler and the requester, you will be able to negotiate the amount to be charged as a reward and the pick up / drop off location. We recommend that the meeting point is always a public place and that you can also use a local shuttle from the destination country to send to other cities.
  • 3
    Collect and Travel!Go to the meeting point / place and collect the product to be transported. If the product is closed, we recommend that you open it if the applicant refuses to cancel your shipping and notify our support.
  • 4
    Delivered to the destination.After the trip, deliver the product to the agreed place or forward to the local transportation service. Upon confirmation of delivery by the traveler and the requester, your reward will be available for redemption.

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